Seduction Bible: Attract And Seduce Any Woman You Want.

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What if you become a Skilled Seducer who can charm any beautiful woman sexually?

A man with an exciting romantic and sexual life who attracts hotties irresistibly and NEVER ends up in a friend zone?

Well. It's easier said than ever before! Only when you commit yourself to the Seduction Bible.

With the help of my Easy, Step-by-Step, Practical and Effective toolkit 'Seduction Bible'.

When you follow the simple steps in proper order as laid out inside the 'Seduction Bible' on my promise,

When you actually dedicate most of your time to levelling up as a Man of Abundance,

You are bound to get your desired outcome before realising it.

You have an extremely unfair advantage over 95% of men worldwide when it comes to Seduction.

Only the top 5% of men actually work on themselves to master seduction skills to get the woman they want and not end up in a friend zone.

So, the game is entirely in your favour when you actually decide to level up your game with women.

But before that.

You must know how I went from a dork, weak, friend-zoned loser who couldn't get any beautiful woman,

To the man who can easily Attract and Seduce women effortlessly with his game.

You know. The starting part of my upward journey was extremely painful.

I was sitting miserably depressed all the time and lost the spark.

One day, a pivotal event changed my life, and I couldn't look at life in the same way ever again.

I was at a cafe with a girl. I was friend-zoned, but I was hoping for something to happen between us.

One of my college buddies came to us. He was popular among girls for being attractive and fun.

He started bullying me physically in front of my female friend.

I wasn't socially skilled enough to handle the situation.

My female friend started laughing at my pity, and I was pissed off.

My female friend never respected me after that day.

And after a few days, I found her dating the guy who had bullied me.

I was BROKEN that day. I knew it was ALL my fault.

I made the most critical decision in my life at that very moment.

I started reading everything I could on social skills and Seduction.

I read websites, social media posts, and online courses to learn Seduction deeply.

The next step was executing what I had learned because practice is essential to becoming socially skilled.

I talked to anyone I could, from friends, shopkeepers, guards, teachers, female friends, co-workers, etc.

After some months of hard work, the results started showing up.

I effortlessly seduced girls in my college and got laid for the first time.

I wasn't looking for any serious relationships.

So, I went on practising my seduction skills and attracted multiple women.

Years passed. I started a channel to help people with poor social and Seduction skills.

So, I started the channel you now know as THE SOCIAL CODE.

I worked on three main areas while mastering seduction skills.

First was learning what makes a man attractive.

What are the biological triggers that make women fall for you?

And to my surprise, my previous assumptions were utterly wrong.

I worked on those triggers, and it started showing up with girls trying to get together with me.

But, it was still not enough. Women showed interest in me, but I eventually ended up in the friend zone.

I then worked on the principles of FRAME and FRAME CONTROL.

A frame is the perspective and underlying meaning of an interaction.

Frame is about "Who you are to her?" and "Who she is to you?"

I learned frame deeply and understood that guys with poor Frame Control end up in Friendzone.

As I dived deeper into this, I learned that women are attracted to guys who can hold their frames strong.

And Women will test you by taking your Shit-Test.

So, I researched the different ways to pass them and hold the frame.

Until then, My game has improved a lot since I was bullied in college.

More and more women were attracted to me.

My friends and co-workers asked me, "How can you attract and seduce women so smoothly?"

I smirked and said, "You must pay for listening to my advice."

But I still wanted to Get Better. I knew the basics of flirting. But I wasn't smooth with it.

So, I started researching and practicing my Flirting Skills.

I learnt Storytelling, different ways to tease them, Complimenting her sexily, and Eating Her through Eyes.

I learnt how to execute them properly and effectively.

Once I had all the above three components (Attraction, Frames and Flirting) in place. I was UNSTOPPABLE.

I had the confidence of approaching any girl and flirting with her smoothly.

My social life was not dull and boring anymore. It was exciting and filled with hot women.

Chicks and started respecting and desiring me.

When around hot women, all my co-workers looked at me jealously with their jaw dropped.

When my seduction skills peaked, thousands of men sent me a DM to improve their social skills and game.

I couldn't respond to all of them because of my busy schedule.

I decided to help thousands of Men online with a simple, effective and practical guide for Attracting and Seducing Women.

Presenting to you,

The Seduction Bible: Attract and Seduce Women Effortlessly

A detailed step-by-step, simple toolkit that basically helps you from scratch.

No matter how bad your situation is with women.

It will help you become an Attractive, Charming and Masculine Man who can seduce women effortlessly.

Within as humanly fast as possible.

While avoiding all the bullshit general internet advice that you see regularly.

You will learn about many things after reading the Guide:

  • WHAT are the biological triggers that get women attracted to you?
  • HOW do you increase your Sexual Market Value?
  • WHAT is Frame and its Importance in seducing women?
  • WHAT are the effective strategies for setting and controlling Frames?
  • How to Pass Shit-Tests that Women Take Often?
  • Importance of Mindset in Seduction and WHAT mindset to follow for becoming a Master Seducer.
  • HOW do you Compliment her in a way different from just another simp, orbiter or beta male?
  • HOW can you hold eye contact so that you Seduce her without coming off as Creepy?
  • HOW can you Tease her in NINE different ways?
  • HOW can you tell Intriguing and Captivating stories that make her fall for you?

And indirectly, you will learn:

  • HOW to NEVER end up in a Friendzone?
  • HOW to be a Charismatic and Charming Man that women can't resist.
  • HOW to have a Fun and Exciting Social Life filled with hotties and good friends?

So because of the massive actionable strategies I put inside 'The Seduction Bible.'

I can easily price it at $100, and it is still worth the price for the amount of gems packed inside.

In fact, I will. After getting 100 ratings on this page.

Ask yourself this:

If you got a magic wand and you could wave it in my life in such a way that,

You become an Attractive, Masculine, Charismatic and Charming Man as humanly fast as possible.

Would you pay $100 to achieve that?

I bet most guys would to save thousands of dollars and years of struggles & rejections in the future.

But the GOOD NEWS with 'The Seduction Bible' is...

You just pay for one time, and you hop on a Journey of Attracting and Seducing Women Effortlessly.

Without wasting years and years trying to find out the solutions to your problems.

..and failing every time because you kept following some 'experts' on the internet who give general advice.

But don't worry. You don't have to pay $100 for now.

I want you to steal this golden treasure for ($100) $30 only!

Only when you order now.

Before I get 100 ratings on this page. Then, I will raise the price to $100.

And be assured. Getting 100 ratings on this page is easy and quick for me.

$30 price for becoming a Master Seducer.

A crazy no-brainer offer for you if you want to improve your game with women.

After all, it boils down to only two choices at this point.

You can either...

Go on about your life as it is right now, getting friend-zoned, living alone, watching other men getting the girls you desire, wasting money and time on girls not interested in you....


You take my helping hand by ordering The Seduction Bible right now, learning the concepts, and watching your game improve within weeks.


If you are not willing to follow the crazy simple concepts inside 'The Seduction Bible.'

If you don't want to transform yourself into an Attractive and Charming Man,

I do not want your money.

I don't want you to buy this Super-effective guidebook and be lazy with it.

I don't want to ruin its reputation by giving it to someone who doesn't value the secret sauce inside it.

Now IT IS YOUR CHOICE...Results or Excuses?

Order 'The Seduction Bible' right now!!


  • Who shouldn't buy 'The Seduction Bible'? If you are satisfied with your seduction skills or If you don't want to attract, date and seduce beautiful women, this Guide is not for you.
  • Will I outperform the top 5-10% of men using all your modules? You can. But you must put in efforts like the top 5-10% to outperform them.
  • Will I get your guidance in case of doubt even after buying 'The Seduction Bible"? Hit me up whenever you want. I will be happy to discuss.
  • Will I get a refund if I don't accomplish the results promised here? I am highly confident that 'The Seduction Bible' will definitely work for you as it worked for others. However, if you still don't see any progress in your game after a week, DM me. I will give you a full refund.

I am sure FAQs have cleared most of your doubts. If you still have any doubts, DM me on @thesocialcode__ to clear them up.

Now that the time is ticking...

Click on the 'I want this' button to order.

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Seduction Bible: Attract And Seduce Any Woman You Want.

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